Babaloose is artist led, and  does not receive funding. We keep all events as free to attend, and try to do as much as we can ourselves to keep costs down, but If you would like to help us, there are a few ways in which you can.


By donation - If you feel like we are doing a really good thing, and have a shiney £2 or £1 or 50p or 20p lurking in the bottom of your pockets, feel free to leave them in our little baskets at the Babaloose events!

By Purchace - Aswell as our semi-regular publication we also have varios bits of merch like caps, bags and badges. all purchases go towards the running of babaloose.

In Kind - we are all about skills sharing and making the most of our community, and any support is welcome, if you have a few hours to help run the event, access to workshops for our designers anything and everything is welcomed!



All profits made from any of the above will go towards:

- Giving a fee to the writers published in T.I.N.A 

- Giving a materials fee to the artists doing the set

- For the cost of the website domain and hoster

- For the production of merchandise (ie. canvas, screen-printing medium, caps, paint)

- To allow us to source materials to carry out workshops

- Transport costs

- Hiring of spaces to put on Babaloose

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