The Glue Factory Spaces and Floor plan


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Babaloose has always been surrounded by the work of those involved; friends, the extended family. This usually occurred with people turning up to the event to see their work had been 'borrowed' from their studio for the evening and returned in time for the morning. The sets included props, sculptures, paintings, textiles, drawings, pallets and more! Babaloose aims to support artists as well as writers/performers in giving a platform to produce a set or to show work building up in the studio. This application form runs alongside people we have asked and will be reviewed regularly at each meeting, so we will get back to you all! We encourage you to collaborate! Babaloose is kindly hosted by The Glue Factory, which has a number of different spaces: the bar, tank room, and 3 gallery spaces of varying sizes. Have a look at the images on their website to decide which one would suit you best.


As we aren’t funded, we can only give a £50 production budget for each event so bare this in mind when choosing your materials! We are all on hand to help if anything gets too difficult. Please e-mail the form to and one of us will get back in touch with you soon. 

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