We aim to provide printed resources which explore the values at the heart of Babaloose alongside our events.  

If you would like to contribute your, or suggest, any writing to be included in our printed publications please get in touch at

Alternatively, if you have any texts you feel like you'd like to share to be downloadable online, please send us the file (word doc or PDF) and we will add it to the website. Publications and essays will be added in PDF format.


Babaloose ‘s semi regular publication: ‘There Is No Alternative’, takes its name from the essay on self organisation by Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth and Jakob Jakobsen; T.I.N.A  includes poetry, excerpts and short essays around the various themes presented in the original text. T.I.N.A. is a free publication with a suggested donation of 1 shiny pound. 

 All submissions to T.I.N.A. will be considered.

Babaloose Book (21.01.15)

The Babaloose Book is a collection of emerging artists' writing, combined together and published into a soft-back book.

We are SOLD OUT of the Babaloose Book, but can be ordered upon request. The Babaloose Book is also available online to download. 

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