What is it? 

Babaloose uses open platform events, discussions & workshops to promote the politics of performing, and the power of an audience as a creative community.

In its rawest form,  Babaloose is a bi-monthly poetry and performance night, open to everyone. We aim to provide a non-judgmental platform for people to explore the boundaries or their practice and share their work in new and different ways. Everyone is invited to perform and make work for Babaloose, there are no rules on what is allowed, however we do expect there to be a mutual respect between both audience and performer, as such, hate speech will not be tolerated.

 At BABALOOSE the audience is always the headline act!  If you really want to read something but nerves get the better of you there will always be someone on hand that will be willing to read on your behalf.



Where is it?

Babaloose is based in Glasgow, and our core activities are currently situated at The Glue Factory.

We also run workshops and events in other venues across the UK upon invitation.


Who are you?

Separate from Babaloose, we are artists, collaborators, organisers, writers, performers, exhibitors, quasi-publishers, idealists. We all live and work in Glasgow and all have part-time jobs in bars. 


Who co-ordinates?

Babaloose is co-ordinated by Lewis Prosser, George Garthwaite, Joanne Dawson, Ewan McCaffrey and Robert Mills + Katrina Cobain. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in any way, we are always open to new ideas.


How are we funded?

We aren't!

If you would like to support us, please visit the 'Support us' section of our website where you can buy publications, books, caps and tote bags etc.... All donations go to the writers, artists & designers that help to keep Babaloose afloat.


How to get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved.

If you have any spare materials you'd like to donate we would be happy to take these off your hands for the artists producing the sets. If you would like to submit a reading for one of us to perform at the next event, or have a piece of writing you'd like to put forward for the next T.I.N.A, please e-mail and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


Do I have to write my own material?

Not at all, there are no rules on what you can perform, if you have written your own material and you want to try it out in front of a supportive community this is the place for you.

Alternatively if you just want to share some wise words or even just show off your amazing vocal range we are open to everything.  If you want to play instruments that require a bit of set up, just get in touch with one of us and we will try our best to help facilitate your work.


Do I have to read?

Nobody has to read, however we do encourage people to give it a go!

Babaloose is based on an open platform model, so if nobody came up to perform, the event would be over before it began.

At babaloose we believe that everyone has something to say and if you choose not to speak up when you feel the urge that’s when you allow people to speak on your behalf

Is the event free?

Yes the event is always free. 

However, this does come at a cost so all donations are much appreciated.  See the "Support us" section for ways you can help keep babaloose afloat.

We do sometimes run one off workshops and events which may  be ticketed for various reasons but this is separate to our main activities in the Glue Factory.


Can I do the set?

Of course you can!

We welcome all your proposals. All you have to do if you are interested in designing a set for babaloose is fill out the application form  >here<  and send it to and we will be in touch.


How do I get in contact if I have any other questions?

If there are any questions we haven't answered that you'd like to know, send an e-mail across to and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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